Musician Reviews

“Even in these times of extraordinary bass players, Sharpe stands out.”

—Leonard Feather, Los Angeles Times

“The key to the thrusting power of Mr. Tyner’s current trio is the bassist, Mr. Sharpe. . . . Alternating between acoustic and electric bass, [he] maintains such a commanding presence on both that he is a center around which everything else rolls.”

—John S. Wilson, the New York Times

“Heavy gospel influences are often evident in Sharpe’s original work. The way his solos slowly enlarge, like the sermons of a pulpit-thumping preacher, reflect the spirits of his childhood home.”

—Mike Ervin, Jazzi

“Long-time bassist for McCoy Tyner, Sharpe excels on his instrument and shows creative composing and arranging skills as well.”

—Sunsh Stein, JazzTimes

“Sharpe is amazing on the electric bass. . . . His guitar-like solos display a musicianship and a melodic quality that are almost unheard of on that instrument.”

—Jim Fuller, Minneapolis Star and Tribune

“Sharpe’s technique on both electric and acoustic bass is always used to further the music … [and] his fellow musicians have noticed.”

—Jim Roberts, Guitar Player

“Forget about categories like mainstream and fusion and neobop … because if there’s one thing you can say about Avery Sharpe, it’s that there’s no label worth hanging on him except musician. And at that, he’s extraordinary.”

—Gene Santoro